Welcome to VRATE 2021!

25th Annual Silver Anniversary

Below is the link for captioning of the VRATE 2021 Expo and Users Guide to assist individuals who want captioning services.


URL of Event Captioning: check here on conference day


Users Guide to StreamText


1. Click on the URL assigned by the provider.


2. NOTE: This link can be opened on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. If you

have trouble opening the link, try using a different internet search engine

(Google, IE, Firefox, Bing, etc.)


3. After opening the real-time page, you will see a green checkmark in the lower

right corner to indicate you are connected. If you see a yellow circle an

exclamation point, you are not connected.


4. Tabs at the top of the screen that will allow you to change the appearance of your real-time screen. Click on Theme, Font Size, Font Family, Background, and Text Color to

personalize the appearance of the real-time page.


5. If you uncheck the box under Scroll, real-time text will stop scrolling.


6. Click View Transcript to go back and review the text. While you are viewing

the transcript, real-time captions continue to run in the background. To return

to realtime, simply close the transcript.